FosterED is an initiative of the National Center for Youth Law

FosterEd: Arizona

Our Work
There are approximately 19,000 foster children in Arizona. Removed from their families because they have experienced abuse or neglect, their educational outcomes are heartbreakingly poor.

Studies have consistently found that students with educational champions have higher GPAs and test scores, better attendance and improved behavior at home and in school. Research also suggests that at-risk students benefit greatly from education teams supporting their academic success.

FosterEd improves the educational outcomes of foster children by ensuring each is supported by an educational champion and strengthened by an education team. In collaboration with state agencies, legislators and executive officials we develop policies and infrastructure to ensure foster children receive the educational opportunities they need. In partnership with local education, child welfare and judicial agencies, we implement new practices to ensure foster children succeed in school.

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Peter Hershberger
Director, FosterEd: Arizona