Frameworks & Foundations

Frameworks and Foundations supports educators who work with students and professionals in K-12 education through effective staff development and coaching. Programs fall into three different categories: Strategic Coaching, Leadership, and Professional Development Services. Facilitators for each area include the Program Director and other educational professionals.

 Areas of Professional Development Workshops

Instructional Strategies --- Content Based

  • Argument Literacy (6 hours)
  • Close Reading In the Classroom (6 hours)
  • Everybody’s Talking - In Mathematics! (6 hours)
  • Fraction Action (6 hours)
  • Increasing Mathematic Rigor through Instruction Shifts (6 hours)
  • Integrating the 8 Mathematical Practices (6 hours)
  • MAST (Marzano And Systems Tools) – Take Your Math Curriculum to New Heights! (12 hours)
  • Teaching Reading Effectively (30 hours)
  • Text Complexity (6 hours)
  • Using Socratic Seminar to Meet ELA Academic Standards (6 hours)
  • Vocabulary Strategies that will Increase ELA Rigor  (6 hours)
  • Writing Foundations K-2 (6 hours)

Instructional Strategies --- General Pedagogy

  • Increasing Mathematic Rigor through Instruction Shifts (6 hours)
  • Differentiated Instruction (12 hours)
  • Engaging the Brain Series (10 hours)
  • Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind (12 hours)
  • Formative Assessments – A Focus on Learning (6 hours)
  • Marzano Instructional Strategies (18 hours)
  • Motivating ALL Students (8 hours)

Classroom Management

  • Classroom Management Refresher Course (3 hours)
  • Classroom Management Series (6 hours)


  • Coaching Teachers to Impact Student Achievement (12 hours)
  • Data Literacy Series: Data Wellness, Cultivating Data Teams & Sucessful Data Analysis (14 hours)
  • School-Based Professional Learning for Implementing the Standards (12 hours)
  • Staff Development Specialist Preparation Program (16 hours)


  • True Colors (6 hours)
  • Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace (2 hours)

Strategic Coaching

  • Cognitive Coaching Seminars®
  • Customized Coaching

Coaching for Change

  • System Consultants


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To best meet the needs of your particular program, our staff offers on-site training and assistance at your chosen location. We will work with you to determine the workshops that best suit your program and send our highly qualified trainers directly to you. You can train your entire program staff at once or partner with other programs in your community. Workshops can be customized or created based on your needs.

Marianna Landrith
Program Director