2020 Summer Institute

Weaving Social-Emotional Wellness Into Each School’s Tapestry

Mark your calendar and plan on attending this two day event to gather ideas, strategies, and research that support the intentional weaving of social emotional learning into the daily routines of your school community.

A growing body of research proves that social emotional learning is fundamental to academic success: It “… helps students develop self-management and self-control, improves relationships at all levels of the school-community, reduces conflict among students, improves teachers’ classroom management, and helps young people to be healthier and more successful in school and life.”
(CASEL – The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning)

Topics will include:  enhancing student wellness,  (suicide, self-harm,  anxiety, behavior and emotion management), handling the pressures of social media, trauma-informed practices, understanding the social emotional needs of gifted students and students with special needs, diversity and equity, historical trauma, and many more.
Registration information will be available soon! Interested in sponsoring this event? CLICK HERE to email Jane Ballesteros.