Materials from Empathy & Beyond!

Materials from our Empathy & Beyond! Making Communities and School Whole Summer Institute.








How do we help students discover personal success and contribute to the betterment of society? Understanding and developing empathy is a start!  This two day professional development immersion will help you create, balance, and sustain an empathetic mindset in our schools.

Empathy & Beyond! Program

Session Resources:

Is Your School Trauma Informed- Should it be?

Emotional Intelligence: What is it? Why is it Important?

Making School Safe for Chiildren with Asthma

Teaching Empathy...One Book at a Time

Reaching Out to Hidden Youth: Experiencing Homelessness from a Young Person's Point of View

Overcoming the Invisible Achievement Gap through Evaluation Emapthy and Engagement

Youth and Food Benefit Assistance: How to Combat the Stigma

Essential Principals for Navigating Relationships and Fostering Empathy beyond 5-22-17

Creating Empathy through Healthy Play