@theHELM Leadership Program recognizes that the most important change agents in education are school leaders! This Program was created to support educational leaders in charter schools throughout Southern Arizona.

The Program

Through the @theHELM Leadership Program, individuals will acquire skills and applications essential to becoming or continuing their journey as an effective educational leader. Learners will gain enhanced understanding and the ability to apply professional practice, concepts and values in leadership and policy.
Participants will attend four monthly sessions that will focus on leadership skills, school culture, vision and hiring/recruiting great teachers, among other topics. All participants will be mentored by Lisa Long.  Mentor relationships will be onsite and structured to meet the needs of the school leader participating in the program.


The Details

Cost: $500
All Materials
Four Full Day Group Sessions
Four Onsite  Mentoring Sessions

Dates for Group Sessions
January 12, 2018
February 2, 2018
March 2, 2018
May 11, 2018


The Director: Lisa Long

Retired from Pima Partnership Charter Schools in 2016, Lisa most recently served as a principal of Pima Partnership High School and Pima Partnership Academy as well as Curriculum Director for the schools.  Schools under her Turn Around Leadership grew in student population and had positive academic, operational and financial dashboards during her tenure at Pima Partnership.  Prior to that, she spent 23 years as a central office administrator and teacher in a large school district focused on professional development, curriculum, assessment and educational technology.  Her career as an educator has spanned over 30 years in our community.

For more information:
Lisa Long, Director of Educational Outreach
520.661.6640 | Lisa.Long@schools.pima.gov

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