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The Waters Center for Systems Thinking is an internationally recognized leader in systems thinking capacity building.

Chief Learning Officer: Sheri Marlin, sheri.marlin@pima.gov

We help create positive change and improved performance through the Habits and tools of systems thinking. We’re all about delivering benefits and working with others to help them do the same — whether it’s in a classroom, school, district, business or community, systems thinking helps people of all ages and walks of life see beyond the heart of a problem to find equitable and essential solutions.

Our work is recognized worldwide for making systems thinking accessible and practical, both for children in classrooms as well as executives in boardrooms. We’ve worked across the U.S. and around the globe to develop systems thinkers who will shape our current and future world by understanding the complexities of the systems we live and work in, and identifying leverage actions to achieve desired results.









Building Pathways for Systems Thinkers: Healthy System Forum | February 11

For some, the health system works perfectly. For many others, it doesn’t. The Health System Forum, presented by the Waters Center for Systems Thinking, will create the space for important conversations about the current state of the health system and how systems thinking can help create a more inclusive, productive system with better outcomes for all.

It’s not often that key stakeholders from all parts of the system come together. When this happens, meaningful dialogue and change take shape. Join us for this unique opportunity that will surface important perspectives from members throughout the health system. #BetterTogether

Who should attend?
Participants of the Forum will include:

  • Healthcare providers from all types of health and medical systems
  • Public health workers
  • Social workers
  • Medical school students, nursing/physician assistant students, medical residents
  • Health system administrators
  • Mental health professionals
  • Healthcare researchers, health technology innovators and scientists
  • Educators
  • Patients, Parents, Caregivers
  • Anyone interested in the health system

Expected outcomes
Participants will:

  • Come together with other health system stakeholders in order to represent and experience a whole-system approach
  • Explore perceptions around the state of the health system
  • Discover how the Habits and tools of systems thinking can be applied to create a more inclusive, productive and beneficial health system for all
  • Hear examples from distinguished guest speakers of how systems thinking Habits and tools have already been applied in various healthcare settings
  • Walk away with tools and approaches to break down silos throughout their network and beyond in order to make positive change
  • Continue to build connections and systems thinking capacity through follow-up opportunities