Governing Board Candidates

2014 Official List of Pima County School Board Candidates



All statements submitted are provided by each certified candidate in both English and Spanish. 
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Todas las declaraciones presentadas son proporcionadas por cada candidato certificado tanto en inglés y español. 
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Amphitheater Unified School District No. 10
Jo Grant
Scott Leska
Mick Stewart

Continental Elementary School District No. 39
Sergio Arellano
Ralph Nickl
Sharon Niehaus

Sahuarita Unified School District No. 30
David Eves
Tom Murphy
John Sparks
Noah Sundberg

Sunnyside Unified School District No. 12
Eva Dong
Daniel Hernández, Jr. – No  Response Submitted
Malcom Pavey

Tucson Unified School District No. 1
Rene Bernal
Debe Campos Fleenor
Don Cotton
Miguel Cuevas
Jen Darland
Adelita Grijalva
Michael Hicks
Betts Putnam-Hidalgo
Francis Saitta

Vail Unified School District No. 20
Jon Aitken
Claudia Anderson
Anthony Sizer

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Governing Board Vacancy Procedures

Pima County Governing Board Vacancy Process

It should be understood that the philosophy of the Pima County School Superintendent follows the premise that governing board members should be elected by their constituents whenever possible.

PROCESS BEGINS with the Pima County School Superintendent receiving either a letter of resignation from a governing board member or notice of a vacancy from a school district governing board.

The County School Superintendent reviews conditions surrounding the vacancy which includes:

  • Time remaining in the balance of the term of office
  • Operational conditions existing within the local district
  • Governing Board and administrative determination of ability to pay financial costs if a special election were called
  • Availability of quality candidates for an appointment

Pursuant to A.R.S. §15-302, the County School Superintendent will make a decision to do one of the following:

  • Call a special election
  • Make a governing board appointment

If a SPECIAL ELECTION is called, an election timeline is established, all election forms are prepared and statutory regulations governing such an election are followed.

If a GOVERNING BOARD APPOINTMENT will be made, the following procedure will be used in filling a vacancy on a Governing Board of a local school district in Pima County:

  1. A news release is submitted to the most widely circulated newspaper in the district
  2. Notify the District Superintendent, the District Governing Board, and the Pima County Board of Supervisors of board vacancy
  3. Prepare a notice of the board vacancy for posting/publicizing within the district. Such notice will include:
    1. the position to be filled
    2. legal requirements to serve as governing board member
    3. length of the appointment
    4. candidate questionnaire deadline
  4. Make candidate questionnaires available to interested candidates
  5. Candidates are asked to interview with a Community Advisory Committee representing the school district and community. Community Advisory Committee will consist of various district community members.
  6. After interviews are completed, the Community Advisory Committee reports the results of the interviews to the Pima County School Superintendent who reviews all questionnaires and takes all information under advisement. At the end of that consideration, a decision is reached and the Pima County School Superintendent then makes an appointment.
  7. The Pima County School Superintendent contacts the district superintendent to share the decision process. Oath of Office shall be administered before commencement of the term of office. The appointee is sworn in either by the Pima County School Superintendent or a member of the district governing board and presented a certificate of appointment. The appointee completes the term until the next general election.
  8. Prepare a press release with appointment information.
  9. Notify the Arizona School Boards Association of appointment. 

A person who is a registered voter of this state and has been a resident of the school district for one year immediately preceding the day of election is eligible for appointment to the office of governing board member. No employee of a school district or the spouse of such employee may hold membership on a governing board of a school district by which such employee is employed. A.R.S. § 15-421.