Grief Sensitive Schools

Learn how to become a Grief Sensitive School!

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of teachers have at least one grieving student in their classes? But…Just 7 percent of school teachers have been trained to help grieving students when they return to the classroom. Providing sufficient support to these students is paramount as a child’s unresolved grief can lead to behavioral issues and poor performance in school.

Over the past decade, the New York Life Foundation has served as the largest funder of childhood bereavement support. An important part of our work in this space has been the creation of a first-of-its kind resource for K-12 educators and school personnel: This online tool offers a comprehensive set of materials and modules to help schools better support the grieving students in their midst. This site was developed and endorsed by the Coalition to Support Grieving Students, a collaboration of the leading K-12 education professional organizations convened by the New York Life Foundation and the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement.

Our office is partnering with this initiative to make sure we are doing everything we can for our students! Becoming a Grief Sensitive School is simple! Schedule a time for our partners to attend an upcoming staff meeting to introduce the grief sensitive program and provide free resources and materials to support grieving students. After the 15 minute presentation, your school will be invited to become a "Grief Sensitive School." This means it will be included on a growing list of U.S. schools recognized by the Coalition, and that your school will be eligible for a $500 grant from New York Life.

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