2018 Arizona Association of County School Superintendents (ACSS) Belief Statements

1. Fully fund inflation in the manner prescribed by Arizona Revised Statutes, and as mandated by Arizona voters in Proposition 301.
2. Change “Override Budget Increase” language to “Locally Controlled Funding” to reflect what local voters are being asked to support.
3. Fully fund Full Day Kindergarten and include Kindergartners in the “Locally Controlled Funding” calculation.
4. Restore building renewal funding to ensure school facilities are adequately provided and maintained.
5. Enable school districts and charters the option to operate “individual schools” for a 200 day school calendar with increased budget authority in base level to no less than 8% from 5% for those schools who maintain a 200 day calendar.
6. Maintain CTE and JTED funding, at no less than existing levels and fund 9th grade CTE/JTED to enable students the opportunity to successfully explore career fields and / or acquire Career and Technical Education certifications.
7. Support latitude in distribution and acquisition of funding utilized for increased salaries of educators that will ensure national competitive educator compensation as to stop the flow of highly effective educators from leaving Arizona to other states or occupations.
8. Pursue policies where Special Education, ELL, and Homeless Education are adequately funded.
9. Enable public school Tax Credits to be used at the discretion of the local governing authority.
10. Fund “District Additional Assistance” using the base fiscal year 1999 (CIR-99), with cumulative inflation rates to current fiscal year funding e.g. K-8 $450 + Cumulative Inflation Rates since 1999 (CIR-00) to current fiscal year funding, 9-12 $492+CIR-99, Textbooks $69.88+ CIR-99.
11. Fully fund the implementation and reoccurring costs for AZMerit Standards Assessment, and technology. Sustain the “safe harbor” as provided in Laws 2015 Chapter 76.
12. Increase Compulsory School Age Attendance from 16 to 18 years of age.
13. Oppose Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (vouchers).
14. Any educational activity funded by Arizona taxpayers should be transparent and include financial and academic accountability.
15. Authorize school districts greater flexibility in the “Divestiture of Property” to address the local school district’s population and course of action needed to be taken.
16. Protect “Desegregation Funding” from any fiscal cuts.
17. Design and implement an equitable K-12 education funding formula with increased and sustainable revenues that adequately reflects nationally competitive funding ratios for investing in our future generation workforce and that is highly competitive in a nationally and internationally global economy.
18. Support alternative pathways to graduation, including but not limited to CTE/JTED.
19. Oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana.
20. Support the introduction of alternative pathways to high school graduation, including, but not limited to, CTE for K-8 students.
21. Support a solution to current issues surrounding the “interstate” education of children.
22. In regard to the expiration of Prop. 301, acknowledging that schools are not adequately funded we call for a meeting of all stakeholders that would assess the dynamics to renew and expand this source (sales tax) of funding.

Revised by AACSS, August 16, 2017.