Superintendent's Pledge

Take Action! Take the Pledge!

When students go to school they need to know that their schools are safe havens for them.  None of our students should feel intimidated or fearful when going to school.  They should come to our schools throughout our County to grow, learn, and become great citizens of our community.  Each one of us has a responsibility to hold each other accountable to provide a safe learning environment for students, every day.  The best defense we can provide our students against these negative messages is to empower them with a safe educational experience that makes them well prepared to tackle these ideas.

How can you help?  As Pima County School Superintendent, I am asking you to take a pledge!


As an education advocate, I am taking a pledge to protect our students, our teachers and all our educational communities from all aspects of negative or hateful speech. 

  • I pledge to engage in respectful discussions and ideas without judgment.
  • I pledge to protect the integrity of our schools and the safety of our students.
  • I pledge not to engage or encourage bullying or harassing behavior.


Take the Pledge

Empathy & Beyond! A Healthy & Safe Schools Summer Institute

SAVE THE DATE: May 31 & June 1 for our 2017 Healthy & Safe Schools Summer Institute. This 2-day professional development will help YOU impact your students and school community! Choose from over 20 breakout sessions, check out the resource fair and enjoy a keynote presentation.