The Pima County
School Superintendent

The Pima County School Superintendent
  • Leadership

    is guiding and directing efforts to enhance communication and promote educational issues, programs and activities.


  • Service

    means being responsive to the educational needs of schools and supporting their work in relevant and meaningful ways.


  • Collaboration

    is working together with students, teachers, businesses, community based organizations, parents, and taxpayers to improve the quality of education in Pima County.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board to the Office of the School Superintendent meets quarterly or as needed. Members come together to discuss education issues of importance in Pima County, such as the No Child Left Behind law and its requirements and implications, standards-based instruction and assessment, curricular alignment and professional development, and to advise the Superintendent on ways the office can support learning in Pima County.

Individuals from the community who have participated in educational endeavors, or who have influenced policy, in some way are invited to serve on the Advisory Board. The board has a diverse membership, with parent, teacher, business, education and government representatives, which gives the Superintendent the benefit of a variety of viewpoints. This keeps the office better informed about the state of education in the county and makes it more responsive to community concerns.

Advisory Board Members

Edith Auslander

Post Secondary - University

Tom Drexel

Charter School

Robert Gonzales

Business Leadership

Dave Kennon

Post Secondary

Marion Pickens


Jana Kooi

Post Secondary - Community College

Pam Simon

Retired Educator

John Pedicone

Tucson Unified School District

Nancy Smith

Economic Development

Kathy Alexander

Post Secondary - Private

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