Provide consulting services, technical assistance and supports for schools, agencies, and education organizations statewide

Consulting services, technical assistance and supports are available on demand, and are customizable based on local needs, for schools, agencies, and education organizations in Pima County and statewide.

Examples of available services could include:
• How to effectively leverage Federal funds to support local needs
• Navigating COVID relief funds
• Sustainability planning for programs and initiatives, particularly those funded on one-time monies
• Technical assistance for implementing grant programs (both competitive and ongoing formula grant programs) – to include program design, implementation, and evaluation
• Strategic planning and project management
• Grants fiscal management
• Competitive grant development
• Data reporting

NEW: We have developed a new free project management tool to help support local strategic planning and implementation efforts. If your organization would like support to use this tool, and to customize it to meet your needs, please contact us! SAMPLE - Pima County ESA Project Management Tool

Please contact Peter Laing, Director for Grants, Partnerships & Services for more information at or 520-724-8918

Contact Information: 
Peter C. Laing 
Interim Chief Financial Officer | 520.724.8918