Engaging with Esmeralda - A student intern blog project

Esmeralda Ortiz is a student in the TUSD Community Transitions Program. She completed a successful summer internship with the Pima County School Superintendent's Office and will continue to intern this Fall. Enjoy!

November 12, 2019 - New Staff Members and an Interview with Diane Kent

Today in my internship we welcomed two new staff members to the Pima County School Superintendent's Office finance department. The staff gave them treats and potted flowers. Welcome, Miranda and Marsha!

We also welcomed back Lourdes from the front office who had been out on medical leave. Fellow staff members were delighted to welcome their new colleagues and have Lourdes back. They all missed Lourdes quite a bit.

Next, I got to interview Diane Kent, Director of EDvance. I am interviewing the staff so I can get to know all of them. Diane told me the story of how she became a Speech Pathologist. When she was sixteen, she saw a story on TV about a little boy who lost his voice after a family tragedy. Diane was moved by the woman who helped the little boy find his voice again. The woman was a Speech Pathologist and inspired Diane.

Diane has great fashion. She dresses professional but playful at the same time. I enjoyed talking to Diane about fashion because that is a passion of mine. Diane started as the Director of EDvance about a year ago. EDvance is an educational support program designed to empower staff to advance the achievement of students with disabilities. I had a great time with Diane today!

October 21, 2019 - My visit to Wright Elementary School

On one of my recent internship days I got invited to the launch of the Pima County School Superintendent’s new "Adopt-A-School" Program. The mission of the Adopt-a-School Program is to improve the education experience for students and teachers one school at a time for the benefit of the community. The program will work with individual schools to supplement the existing infrastructure by bringing needed materials, expertise, and personnel through the use of community volunteers.

I went to John B. Wright Elementary School with Superintendent Dustin Williams and Communications Director Matt Stamp. The first thing I did was sign in and wear a volunteer sticker. We took a tour and I enjoyed seeing the cafeteria and the computer lab. I also liked listening to Principal Campos make a video with Mr. Williams.

Are you interested in helping Wright Elementary? Some of the things the school needs are: bathrooms and water stations in the park area, printers and COW's (computers on wheels), volunteers needed in the library for checking in/out books and putting books away.

Learn more at:

August 12, 2019 - My Summer at the Pima County School Superintendent's Office

What I liked about my internship at the Superintendent's Office was getting to work with the legos and talking to Dustin Williams and Matt Stamp about starting a blog with them.  I liked working with legos because I like counting work.  I got meet a lot of the people that work at the Superintendent's Office and they were all nice.

I liked that Dustin Williams and Matt Stamp took pictures of me for their social media.  It is my first time having an internship.  My favorite thing was talking to Dustin Williams and Matt Stamp about starting a blog.

Writing helps me communicate better because it helps me express myself.  I like to write about fashion, how I'm feeling, work, and accommodations. I hope to help with the social media for the Superintendent's Office.  I really enjoyed my time at my internship and want to continue.