GiftED supports educators of gifted students in their work with gifted individuals to develop their intellectual and academic potential through professional development, professional learning communities, coaching, and regional events.

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Professional Development:

Gifted Education 101
Gifted Education 101 explores introductory concepts of gifted education, including national gifted standards, Arizona Department of Education requirements, identification measures, and program and service models. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the field of gifted education, terminology and best practices for instruction. This course is suitable for teachers who work with gifted students and/or advanced learners, or who are interested in working with gifted and advanced learners, as well as counselors, administrators and school leaders.

This course is 30 hours; 15 synchronous hours and 15 asynchronous hours.

Social-Emotional Supports for Gifted Learners
Social-Emotional Supports for Gifted Learners explores the social and emotional characteristics of gifted students, differences between high achievers, gifted learners, and creative thinkers, and the full range of diverse learners who identify as gifted including culturally, linguistically and economically diverse students.  Topics of discussion include twice exceptional learners, overexcitabilities, asynchronous development, perfectionism, and underachievement.

This course is 30 hours; 15 synchronous hours and 15 asynchronous hours.

Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Learners
Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted Learners will explore curriculum modifications for gifted learners, including differentiating by content, process and product as well as readiness, interest, learning preferences, flexible groupings, and acceleration.  Instructional methods for gifted learners such in critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, high level questioning, and problem based learning are explored.  This course will include 15 hours of synchronous instruction plus 15 hours of asynchronous participation.

This course is 30 hours; 15 synchronous hours and 15 asynchronous hours.

Advanced Gifted Education
The focus of this course will be an in-depth, intensive exploration of critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, inquiry, and advanced applications of depth and complexity.  This class offers strategies to provide the needed intellectual challenge and curriculum modifications for gifted students.

This course is 45 hours; 13 synchronous hours and 12 asynchronous hours.

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Community Events:

Regional Gifted Parent Teacher Institute - REGISTER

  • November 5, 2022, 9am - 1pm at Amphitheater Leadership & Professional Development Center (701 W Wetmore). Keynote Speaker: Emily Kircher-Morris. Cost: FREE

Leadership in Gifted Education:

Southern Arizona Gifted Network

A gathering of gifted coordinators from Pima County to connect with others to share current practices, professional development opportunities, brainstorm solutions to common challenges faced in districts relative to gifted education.

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Consultation, mentoring, assistance with action planning, resource identification and evaluation.


Marianne Landrith
Program Director


A panel discussion on Twice Exceptional Learners, with Dr. June Maker and Mr. Randy Pease, both from the University of Arizona, and three members of The O'Kelley Lab in California.  This video is a heartfelt and informative conversation about what it means to be a twice exceptional learner, and what teachers and parents can do to help support them.

GiftED Teacher Feature:

Janet Slingerland, Flowing Wells


GiftED Teacher Feature:

Kari Sjursen, Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8, Marana Unified