LEADNow! Mentoring Program

Looking for ongoing mentoring after participating in the LEADNow! Institute Program?  The LEADNow! Mentorship Program has been designed to provide continuing support to school leaders.  Participants during 2024/2025 SY will receive supportive correspondence, current resources, and coaching sessions to foster the well-being and growth of the individual while they continue to lead in their school community.

Former LEADNow! participants will find this year-long opportunity as a way to explore and apply best practices learned during the LEADNow! Institute Program.

If interested in learning more or enrolling in the LEADNow! Mentoring Program, send an email to susan.rosenthal@pima.gov and she will be in touch.

Cost: $1,200

• Virtual and/or In person check-ins
• Weekly Resources
• Coaching sessions during the 2024/2025 SY based on the leader’s needs

Contact information:

Susan Rosenthal, Director of LEADNow! Institute, Certified NAESP National Principal Mentor
520.724.8996 work | 520.603.1062 cell | susan.rosenthal@pima.gov