LEADNow! Optimize Subscription

Our newest offering is open to any school principal with 3 years of experience or more who is looking to grow their leadership skills. This option will include:

  1. On-Demand courses that will optimize your leadership potential.   (Our platform of courses, created by Aubrey Patterson, will help you manage day to day work, lead impactful meetings, and so much more.)
  2. A weekly podcast sure to help you lift your spirts on your way to work or home.  (Podcasts are 5-10 minutes and will give you some important food for thought as you begin or end your day.)
  3. A weekly resource article that is timely and relevant.
  4. A monthly checklist to support operations and planning ideas for the upcoming new month.
  5. Positive texts to encourage and remind leaders they can do this tough work.
  6. Finally, if you need an outside thought partner this option is available throughout each quarter to support the veteran leader.

Apply Today - Subscriptions limited: https://forms.gle/K3jTwNmUDpPqw6wF7

Reach out to Susan.Rosenthal@pima.gov with questions.

Cost TBD

Contact information:

Susan Rosenthal, Director of LEADNow! Institute, Certified NAESP National Principal Mentor
520.724.8996 work | 520.603.1062 cell | susan.rosenthal@pima.gov