Governing Board Appointments

When a governing board vacancy is declared, whether mid-term or because no candidate has come forward to run for a seat, the County Superintendent of Schools is authorized by statute to appoint a qualified elector from the district to fill the seat.

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Arizona Revised Statute § 15-302 gives authority to County School Superintendents to appoint individuals to local school districts governing boards when a vacancy arises.

According to statute, the County School Superintendent shall:

“Appoint governing board members of school districts to fill all vacancies, but the term of the appointment shall be until the next regular election for governing board members, at which time a successor shall be elected to serve the unexpired portion of the term. Within thirty days after notification of a vacancy, the school district governing board may submit up to three names to the county school superintendent for consideration of an appointment to fill the vacancy. The county school superintendent is not required to appoint a governing board member from the list of names submitted by the governing board. The county school superintendent, if the county school superintendent deems it in the best interest of the community, may call a special election to fill the vacancies. If an election is called, the newly elected member shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired portion of the term.”