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A focus on research-based strategies including the integration of Arizona College & Career Ready standards into the curriculum, development of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics) instruction, systems thinking, and teacher support.

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Browse our Annual Report! This issue of Highlights recognizes and celebrates the programs that have provided time, resources and support to education in Pima County in the 15-16 school year.

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Summary of FY2018 Governor Ducey’s Budget Proposal
January 13th, 2017

Summary of FY2018 Governor Ducey’s Budget Proposal

"The Governor’s proposed budget identifies priorities that are important to all our educators and our students’ families throughout Pima County. I appreciate the Governor’s focus on teacher pay, all day Kindergarten and investment in our low income schools. While these are steps in the right direction, I believe there are opportunities to provide greater support to our students and their teachers. The lack of investment of capital funding for our public schools is paramount to ensure that our students have access to safe buildings and the tools they need to be academically successful. We need to have a serious discussion on the revenues that our State has committed towards expanding tax cuts and tax credits for the School Tuitions Organizations. My office intends to be part of the conversation with our education partners and our State leadership. I want to make sure that we commit the Governor and the Legislature towards a discussion that provides long-term resources that are sustainable for all our students in Pima County," said Dustin Williams.

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